First West of England November 2020

General News items


The last Enviro due from Bolton has now arrived 33737 is now being prepared for service.

Still out standing from Leicester are Streetdecks 35119/24/30.


32011 heads a line up of Weston Open tops stored in Bristol for the winter

(F-R 32011,32002,32001,32012)


Withdrawn Volvo 32003 now registered back to W803PPAE


More B7s are due to move to Kernow soon with Bath losing 32280/4-7 and Weston 32350/9 more details soon also expected to move are several 6688x B7RLEs





Allocation Notes

10162 u - Scrap

10168 u - Scrap (1st bendiebus  taken by Wigleys)

30871   donated to a school in Easton as a reading bus

30875  u - Scrap

32279  u - Scrap

47443  LH - HE

Former 30871 in its new home.



Livery Matters

69446/7 from Mendip now into Discover livery