First West of England November 2017

2 more B7s from Glasgow have arrived here and 2 more Streetlites have gone the other way.


32544 SF54OSE WM Vo B7TL 10.7M Wt H45/29F
32546 SF54OSJ WM Vo B7TL 10.7M Wt H45/29F


66992/3 are now under conversion to Training buses




Allocation changes

32003  WM - BH

42900  WM - BH

42948  Bh - WM

47459/60  HE - Glasgow

66325/7/35  LH - Leeds



Fire damaged Enviro 33750 looks to be almost finished now and its reappeared repainted into Orange so will be off to Weston soon.

33830 now out in Orange.