First West of England November 2019

General News items


The first of the 77 gas buses due has been seen on test around the ADL factory and is 39481 which will be the first of the Metrobus batch.

The whole order are due for delivery over the next 6 months. They have started to be seen around Bristol the first batch 39481-92 are going to Parson St (CT Plus first until the fuelling station is ready at LH) buses with green Metro fronts one in Orange and 1 in normal Scania livery (36814-24 style have been seen)


Several new Vehicles have arrived in an allover red livery 39402/4 for starters.


Also the new numbers for the Scania,s will have several numbers missing as these have been issued by First before.


So the batch is 39402-72 and 39481-92 but minus 39405/28/42/67 & 39486/90 which then equals 77 vehicles due.




2 more Nottingham buses have also appeared recently,


36079 YT09YHW LH Sca N270UD EL H51/35F
36080 YN08MSO LH Sca N270UD EL H51/37F


More loaned buses here are Blue painted B7s


32229 LR52BOH HE Vo B7TL 10.7M Pn H45/28F
32231 LR52BLK HE Vo B7TL 10.7M Pn H45/28F
32233 LR52BLV HE Vo B7TL 10.7M Pn H45/28F


32233 is actually registered LR52BND which was here last year running as 32236.



And Gold liveried Tridents


33389 KN52NDX HE Ds Tt Ar H45/28F
33390 KN52NEF HE Ds Tt Ar H45/28F



Allocation Notes

32625 has finally come out in service on the 24.

53818  BH - Cymru

53819  HE - BH



Livery Matters

35148 repainted from Mendip into Red front livery and now in Hengrove.


35165/6 are now in 70/71 branded livery.

35160 is now red fronted and carrying Serving South Bristol lettering. 35164 is also in this.


33664 is now i Mendip Explorer livery leaving 33661/2 left in 91/2 orange.


42909 has been repainted into Badgerline livery this just leaves 42925 in Barbie at Weston.


37336 has a new advert for The Crown TV series. and theres also an advert for The Wave at Easter Compton think this is 37591.

37355 is another bus carrying ads for Bristol Care Homes the same as 37335.