First West of England October 2020

General News items

Latest Allocation sheet


The first of the re-engined Enviro,s has arrived in Bath in Bath City livery once these are back in service the Streetdecks will return to Hengrove.


Another of the South Yorkshire Streetdecks has arrived 35117 made it from Leicester.


Following recent service changes in Bath the decision has been taken to retire the fleet of Bendibuses. The first ones arrived in May 2002  8 B10LA,s came from Glasgow 2000-7 then 2 from Bradford 10033/4 then October 2005 the first new B7LA,s arrived 10174-82 and more recently 6 came from Aberdeen so after 18 years its no more purple people eaters causig chaos in Bath and crawling up Bathwick Hill.


Bendy 2001 from the first batch in Bath.


and 10175 the final batch now leaving Bath.

Allocation Notes


32249/60  HE - Essex

32288  LH - HE

32289  LH - HE

32336  WM - LH

32343  WM - BH

32354  WM - HE

35110/1   BH - HE

42896  LH - WM

42898  LH - Essex

42966/9   WM - Somerset

44520/3   BH - HE

47566/70  HE - WM

66207     u - scrap

66720  WS - BH

69447/58  WS - BH (Making Wells an all Double Deck Allocation)


62199,66206 Training - w (66206 heading to Sheffield soon for preservation)


Livery Matters



Hengroves Air Connect Enviro,s 33800-2 are now in for a repaint back into blue fronts they are then going back to LH for 48/9 routes.


Former Air Connect livery now back into

48/9 colours. (Thanks Allan)


66729 is now in the new Training livery