First West of England September 2017

The first of the 24 New Scania/Enviro,s have turned up but wont be on the road for the start date as they are delays to the rest of the batch. Several are in at Hengrove and 1 has arrived in Lawrence Hill 36817 these are all in the same livery as spare streetdeck 35150 and will be used on the U1 from Hengrove and UWE from Lawrence Hill they are also 4 inches lower then previous Envir,s at 13*10


The next batch are grey and orange and will be for Metrobus route M2 when it starts. 1 is going to Hengrove for guide wheels to be fitted and driver training  the rest will go to Bath as a stop gap to be used on UNI routes there once Metrobus starts they will transfer to Bristol.


The Batch for U1 will be used until new stock in a special livery arrives early next year.


The story so far.


36808 YM17FKA HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36809 YM17FKB HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36810 YM17FKE HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36811 YM17FKF HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36812 YM17FKG HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36813 YM17FKH HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36814 YM17FKJ HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36815 YM17FKL HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36816 YM17FKN HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36817 YM17FKO HE Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D


36810 new for the U1.


And the first Metrobus liveried ones have arrived and gone to Bath for UNI routes until Metrobus opens.


36801 YM17FKP BH Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36802 YT67XJV BH Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36803 YT67XJW BH Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36804 YT67XJX BH Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36805 YT67XJY BH Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D
36806 YT67XKA BH Sca N250UD Ar H49/28D



36804 in Bath on route U1.



Bi Bus 39401 is now in servie

it certainly stands out in this livery.


To cover for late deliveries of the new Scania,s 3 ex London Metroline B7/Plaxton Presidents have arrived at Lawrence Hill on loan 22111 LR52BMV,22222 LR52BNJ,22333 LR52BNZ these should see use on UWE Express route.


ex London President LR52BNZ carrying temp fleet number 22333


Allocation changes

32008      LH - HE - BH

32351/2   LH - BH

33666/7    HE - WM

36801/2/4/6  New - BH (Although 36806 carries 36808 in error)


36817     New - HE

37016      WM - HE

37017      WM - HE

39191/2   HE - LH

47559-64 MH - WM

66346      HE - LH

66723/4   WM - HE

66725     WM - BH

66726     WM - WS

66734      WM - HE

66934      MH - BH

66936      WM - BH

66943      WM - HE


Several Bath UNI B7s have been used in Weston recently.




47551 is also now plain orange. Ex Hengrove 50 branded 33667 is now in full Excel livery & branding. 33666 is Orange but not branded yet.

Both 47551/2 are now Excel branded.

33560 & 47553 both now plain Orange.



42899 at Bath is now purple for UNI work. 42897 & 42910 are also now n this livery.


42897 in UNI bus livery.


Weston Streetlite 47552 is the first one

painted into Orange for Excel routes still minus its branding.


M-Ticket advert 47555