First West of England August 2019

General News items


7 more Volvo B9s are coming to Bath with ex Leeds 36229/32-4 here so far the other 3 didn't make it this time but also expected are 36228/30/1 more details when they get here.


Well as expected the Severn Express has run its final trips. My last 2 runs were on 33489 (10.45 from Bristol)  and 33490 (15.50 from Bristol and last but 1 17.20 from Newport.


33489 @ Cribbs Causeway & 33490 @ Newport.


and back to the very first Severn Express I drove the first run

from Bristol to Newport as an X7  4th Nov 2013 with  32684 at Newport



Route changes in September will see Hengrove gain 70/1 from LH,  MH gain the 35 from LH and 37 from BH. The T3 is going and as mentioned before X5 and 7XP to Stagecoach.



As well as the 20 Q Buster buses due here also expected are 28 mid life Doubles to enable Bristol route 24 and Bath routes 3/3a & 4 to be converted to Decker operation this will allow Streetlites & Enviro 200s to be cascaded else where.


The first 10 have arrived and are First Greater Manchester B9s from Bolton depot these should all be going to Bath.


37388 MX58DWY u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37396 MX58DXG u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37403 MX58DXP u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37405 MX58DXS u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37406 MX58DXT u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37407 MX58DXU u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37408 MX58DXV u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37410 MX58DXZ u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37415 MX58DYG u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F
37416 MX58DYH u Vo B9TL Wt H45/29F


Just arrived from Manchester 37396 & 37408.



More Q Buster buses here from Manchester are.


30936 X357VWT u Vo B7TL 10.7M Ar H49/27F
30945 YJ51RPZ u Vo B7TL 10.7M Ar H49/27F

Just arrived 30945

2 more arrived from Scotland & York.

32225 LT52WUK u Vo B7TL 10.6M Pn H42/22F
32260 LT52WWF u Vo B7TL 10.6M Ar H45/20F


32260 from York.


And theres more 2 more from Scotland. these 2 and 32225 above are in new livery with purple fronts.


31143 YU52VYV u Vo B7TL 10.7M Ar H49/27F
31146 YU52VYY u Vo B7TL 10.7M Ar H49/27F



Allocation Notes

32090  LH - u (front end damage and Currently in BH donating bits to 32015)

32222  u - WM (32223 is also there)

33658  HE - WS

35162  WS - HE

35167  WS - HE

47449/54 HE - Scotland

47560/2-4  HE - Scotland.

63074/5  BH - HE (rest are following soon)



Livery Matters


33658 is the first Enviro to change from Orange 90 livery and go into Mendip Explorer Blue.


The Final B7 at Weston 32357 has now gone into Badgerline livery more Darts repainted are  42902/4 (This leaves 42909/25 to be done)



Mendip Streetdeck 35162 is the first to leave Wells for Hengrove after its repaint into 90 Red front livery.


35167 is another to leave Wells and now has a pink front for 70/1.



The Blue B7s at Wells 32669/73/88 now have Mendip Explorer names applied.

32669 & Former Severn Express 32688 showing Mendip Explorer fleetnames.