First West of England July 2017

Calling all bus enthusiasts First West of England are holding an open day at Lawrence Hill depot on Saturday 19th August from 11.00 to 15.00 for a chance to see behind the scenes you can drive a bus, see old and new buses and even sign up to be a bus driver.



Pictures have emerged of the first Biogas powered Scania N280/UD Enviro 400 City its 2 tone green registered YN17OHP and will be allocated to Lawrence Hill for route 1 its due in Bristol very soon.


Wessex are coming of the 90 on July 22 a month earlier than planned.


The last 2 ex London Tridents have both been repainted ready for sale.

This is 32941 repainted for its next owner

32931 is also in this colour scheme.


Opentops 32001 & 32002 both happily working on the

20 in Weston.


Also now in Weston is ex Bath B7L 66354

presume this is on loan while the 2 Sreetlites are in London.




Allocation changes

37345  LH - HE

37015   WM - HE

37351   HE - Manchester

47567   HE - WM

66354   BH - WM

66943  MH - WM




Red fronted B7 32090 now has a purple front and appears to be going on 3 & 4 routes so moving back to LH soon.



32254 & 32255 now green front for 6/7. 32259 has now been repainted completetig this batch, 32074 has gone in for repaint but dont know if this will be for 6/7 routes or something else.





33412 is the next bus painted into Orange Excel livery.

33412 in Excel livery with a different front

layout compared to 33419.


47555 & 47556 are now all over pink guessing for M-Ticket Adverts. These 2 are going to London for the Athletics first then will come back and carry adverts. 47554 is the 3rd bus to go pink and has gone to London with the other 2 plus Streetdeck 35146 has gone as well..


47555 & 47556 before their trip to London.