First West of England May 2017


New Pocket edition fleetbook here


47558 shows of the new Airport Flyer

for the A3 from Weston - Bristol Airport.


The all new X7 from Weston to Bristol

shown here by 33565




Allocation changes

32355-7  LH - HE

60914     LH - HE

66301     LH - HE

66936  LH - WM





LH 32093 has been repainted into new livery but has a red front so looks like this will be going onto route 90 as First will be upping the frequency of this from next month as Wessex have registered this route as well.


32252 is now green for 6/7.

32277 is now green for 6 & routes.


37338/40 have new adverts for Bristol Zoo.

37338 with Bristol Zoo Advert.

37337/9   have adverts for  Wild Place.

37339 with Wild Place advert.



66327 didnt stay barbie for long its now got another Heart advert applied.



47435-7 are  the first Streetlites  to appear with dark green front for route 8.

47436 with new GWR styled green front for route 8.



SPW 07/06/17