First West of England April 2018

General News items

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Orange and grey liveried Scania 36806 has had a partial repaint and now had red where the orange bits were and its letteresd for Bristol Metrobus.


36806 now in Metrobus livery.


The first part of the Metrobus scheme opens at the end of May with route M3 Emersons Green to Centre with green branded buses.


Other Metro bus routes are M1 Cribbs Causeway to Hengrove with Magenta buses this will be operated by Bristol Community Transport (CT Plus) under contract to First using 21 new Biogas Buses starting date not announced yet.


The other route is M3 Long Ashton Park & Ride to Centre operated by First with Orange branded buses it will use Euro VI powered buses until Biogas Buses are delivered at some point in the future again no start date given.




The final new Airport Scania is now on the road.

36834 now out and about.


It looks as though the Berkshire Scania,s 65724-6 have gone away for refurb to be used on Wiltshire,s D routes (its D for Discover)

The new Discover routes are running with 69500-11, 65724-6 and 66885/6 all in Discover livery.

The Streetlites at Westbury have now moved to Bath and have replaced Darts 42902-7/9 at least.



65725 & 65726 in Discover livery.


And former BA Liveried B7RLE,s 69501 & 69505 in Discover livery.



Recently converted to Open Top

32012 is now at work in Weston on the new route 1 to Sand Bay.


Weston have also been changing things on the Destination front

as shown here on 42915.


Express your self livery lives on here are 42962 & 42963 whilst behind me out of shot

was 42947 also still in this livery.



Allocation Notes

32003  BH - WM

32547  WM - HE

36834  New - HE

42897  u - First South West (Was used at Penzance on Rail Replacement)

42902-7/9/16  BH - u (Only 3 Darts running in Bath 42925/55/6)

44907  u - First South West

44910  WM - BH


(32336/7/43/4/7 mentioned last month actually moved to MH)


It also appears that 44907 has returned from Cornwall and is sat in Weston Depot still out of use.



Livery Matters

33547 is now in Excel Orange.

65724-6,66885/6,69500-11 all now in Discover livery at Bath.