First West of England April 2017

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More on the routes changes coming up the X1A to Weston is being renumbered X2  The X8 is being run by Abus apart from some evening trips which First will cover. The X3 & X4 are being reduced and combined in the evenings and running as X3a.

The X6A Bristol to Yatton service is being renumbered X7 and extended to/from Weston this should confuse the hell out of joe public who still call the Severn Express the X7.



The Express yourself livery is having a make over with a new image and name its going Orange and will be branded as Excel this will be for X routes in North Somerset..


The next route being branded in Bristol is the 8 Temple Meads circular which will be GWR green on the front.


Route 16 Hanahm - Parkway is coming off due to lack of passengers and finance from South Gloucs council.


Also changing  later in the year will be the 77 which will be run by Stagecoach West but First have won Wessex route 16 as it will be working more closely with UWE this will be run with new Hi Spec buses and starts in September.


If you look at the cover of the new timetable for the 20 Weston - Bunrham it shows a double decker converted to partial open top  and in a blue/orange livery so this is how 32001/2 should look once they return to Bristol after their conversion jobs.



With the 2 B7RLE movements below all vehicles at Wells depot are now in Mendip Explorer livery.



Allocation changes

32278  MH - LH

32291  LH - MH

47565/6  MH - WM

60914  HE - LH

66301  HE - LH 

66723  WS - MH

66724  WM - MH


The following have been sold: 30857, 50318, 57000



32253/7 & 32278 now are in Urban 2 with green fronts for routes 6/7. 32256 is also repainted but not lettered yet.



Bit of rushed shot of 32253 & 32257

in green for routes 6 & 7.


66327 has now lost its Heart advert