First West of England March 2017

De-branded 32688 now om local routes.



Allocation changes

10176/9   u - BH

32001/2   BH - u

33750      BH - u (After small engine fire)

41420/3   Training - w

42962      MH - WM (42963 is also going)


32937/9 Have been sold.

32942/6/50 have all been sold.

Now living by the seaside 42962

now at Weston.



32016/9/22 have all been repainted into this plain livery

and have now been sold.



69438/9 are now in Mendip Explorer livery. The last one 69437 has also been repainted.


66721 is the first older style B7RLE into Mendip Explorer livery. 66720 is also in this livery.


66721 now Mendip Explorer.



66727 is the last BH Volvo B7RLE to gain Blue Bath City Livery.


53820 the Only Solo so far in Bath City Livery.

66727 in Blue as well.