First West of England March 2018

General News items


The Former Airport RLE,s will be coming back in a Bronze/cream livery and goign to Westbury to replace Streetlites and used on renumbered Wiltshire routes D1 (265) D2 (267) & D3 (271/2) from April


Good new for Weston is another route starting towards the end of April when Route 1 Weston to Sand Bay will start to cover the lose of Crosville,s service 100 as Crosville are pulling out of local bus work.


32012 has appeared in Weston Coaster livery and is now Open Top the same as 32001/2 so this maybe going onto the 1 when it starts.



1st couple of days of spring and it snowed heavily across most of the country especially the South West causing all FWoE services to be cancelled for the day.



A selection of LH & MH buses having a day off in Lawrence Hill Depot.


Allocation Notes

36829 New - HE

36833  New - HE (Just 36834 now to enter service)

36835 New - HE

37009/10/5-7/20 HE - Colchester

42897 is on loan to Abus

44907  WM - u


Streetdecks 35149/50 and Dart 42897 have gone to Cornwall for Rail replacement work 35149/50 are then rumoured to be heading to Norwich afterwards.



Livery Matters

33418 now Excel Livery. 33754 also now repainted.

33554 is now in plain orange

This now leaves 33825 as the last Enviro in Express yourself livery and 33547/69 & 33685 in Urban to be repainted.



B9s 37339/41 have off side adverts for this years Bristol Zoo Adverts. 37338/8 also have.

37337/8 with Bristol Zoo/Wild Place adverts.


The current Barbie 1 count is now down to 40 vehicles.

Hengrove (2)  66723/4

Bath (30)     32283-5/91, 42902-7/9/25, 44913-5, 53806/9/11-9, 65725, 66725/32, 66934

Marlborough St (8)  66728/9/31, 66937-9/42, 69253