First West of England February 2017

Severn Express Enviro,s  33488 and 33490 are now carrying their correct fleetnumber  so YX66WGO is now 33488 and YX66WGU is 33490..


It now looks as though the Bath Bendies have only got a short time left in service 10035 is already withdrawn and 10176 has had its assault  screen and other bits  removed further use Airsied at Cardiff Airport has been mentioned for these buses.


Several more B7Ls are soon heading up to Leeds 66352/3/6 are the first 3 to go north. The next 4 are LH66330/2/7/45.


Some good news this month First are retaining the Airport Flyer route A1 and will be getting new vehicles for this and there will also be a Flyer route run from Weston to the Airport.

Weston depot are starting a new route 5 from Uphill to Worle and will also be getting several routes from Malrborough St at the end of April (X6,X6a to be renumbered X7 and extended from Yatton to Weston, X8 & X9)


Also moving in April are the 70/71 going from Hewngrove to Lawrence Hill so LH get their first Streetdecks.


The next routes to be branded are the 6 & 7 using refurbished B7TLs with a green front end.




Allocation changes

32251  was on loan to Hengrove but is now back in LH.





37772 has now lost its advert for Home Sense..


69441/2 are now in Mendip Explorer livery. 69440 is also now in Mendip Explorer tie leaves just 69437-9 to be painted.


66881 at Bath is now in a new 2 tone blue livery and branded for route 5 if its successful it could be rolled out on the Bath City fleet. 53820 and 66882/3/4  are also now Blue

66722 and 66884 are also in BLue.

66881 showing the new colour for Bath City buses. Also branded for routew 5.


32688 has lost all of its X7/Severn Express branding including the gold Bridges on the back end and is running around in dark blue.