First West of England January 2020

General News items


Several of the reg numbers on the Metrobus Scania,s have appeared in a different order to that previously shown the correct order is now -


39481 YN69DSX
39482 YN69DSV
39483 YN69DSY
39484 YN69DSZ
39485 YN69DTF
39487 YN69DTO
39488 YN69DTK
39489 YN69DTU
39491 YN69DTV
39492 YN69DTX


This is the new spare Metrobus 39489 it replaces 36806.


More new buses are still arriving

39411 & 39412 entry into service expected around 17th Feb.


The ex Bolton Enviro,s are temporally being used in Bath a couple more are expected soon then they should move to Wells to replace most of the Volvo,s there which will move into Bath.


33831 has now arrived in Bath with 33832-4 expected anytime now.


33840 in use in Bath.


Also in Bath are a couple of Metrobus Scania,s

initially being used on Park & Ride routes these should move onto the X39 in time.



36821 is the first ex Metrobus Scania painted into a new colour scheme ready for a re launch of the X39 in April they will appear on Park & services until then.


36821 in forthcoming X39 livery.





Allocation Notes

30877    BH - LH (Despite reports its still LH)

30936/45  LH - u - Scrap

32008/9  BH - LH

33074    HE - Scrap

33090    HE - u - sold

36803-5  LH - BH

36821    LH - BH

47559    HE - LH

53814/6  BH - Cornwall.

66729    was loaned to Wells recently.


Trainer 66162 has appeared in Sheffield  believed to be on loan there.


The former PMT Enviro 300s are moving to Swansea.


Livery Matters


42925 the final Barbie Dart is now n Badgerline livery.

Some of the Bristol Zoo/Wild Place ads are being removed.


37335 has lost its Crown advert now carries 1 for Oatly drinks.

Oatly ad on 37335.



and the final 91/2 branded Enviro 33661 is now in Mendip Explorer colours.


Former Metrobus 36801/2 have been re-seated and should go for repaint soon.