First West of England January 2017

Current Allocation sheet



The new Severn Express buses are now in service but it looks like they came out of the factory in reverse order as the registrations carried are now 33488-90 YX66WGU/P/O  though the chassis/body numbers are in registration order. (Even the official list gives them as WGO/P/U in fleetnumber order.)


33488 (on its first public outing) and 33490 on its 2nd day ion service.


All 3 original X7 buses 32685 Front and 32684 rear both going to Yorkshire

and 32688 middle staying in Bristol

The ex Devon Enviro,s are now getting their 50 branding applied.

33662 now branded for route 50



Allocation changes

10035        BH - u

10178        u - BH

32005         LH - w (Sold to Rose Vidney Cornwall)

32333/4      HE - LH

32684/5      MH - w to West Yorkshire

33488-90  New - MH

33659/61   u - HE

33662/5/7  u - HE


32017/8/21/3/4 have all been sold.




69443/ are  now in Mendip Explorer livery.